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The Facts
  • Dream Theater will arrive for a concert in Bulgaria, promoted by PRIMA Agency plc.
  • The official date for the show at Hall 1 of The National Palace of Culture is 03.07.2002 (Wednesday)
  • Ticket sales start on April 30th 2002 at The National Palace of Culture Box Office. The prices are as follows: 20 lv. 35 lv. 50 lv (front row seats) and 10 lv. Standing audience.
  • Tickets can also be purchased online from this site: http://www.jobtiger.bg/dt/
  • "Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence", DT's new double CD album is distributed in Bulgaria by Orpheus Music, Warner Music Licensee for Bulgaria.

The News

Official statement from Prima Agency concerning the Rockwave Festival and the 10 leva tickets.


I want to clarify some facts about Dream Theater and their upcoming show in Sofia in order to cut the spreading rumours:

Dream Theater and their crew consisting of 11 people are arriving from Budapest at noon on 1 July. This schedule change is due to the cancellation of the Rockwave Festival in Athens, Greece, which was supposed to take place between 1 July and 3 July. All rumours about cancellation of the Dream Theater show in Hall#1 of the National Palace Of Culture are absolutely incorrect.

At the same time I want to inform all fans waiting for the 10 leva standing tickets that such tickets are going to be sold in the NDK box office a day or two before the show only if all the other seats in the Hall are already sold out.

Martin Stoyanov
PRIMA Agency

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There are 20 posters of the show at our disposal, generously given away by PRIMA Agency. Personally I think that it would be fair enough everybody who wants a poster, to drop an email to dtsofia@mail.bg and eventually the first 20 people who sent an email will get a poster. Please be modest and do not request more than 1 poster so that as many people as possible could get one as well.

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Check out the new "Media" section, where you can find scanned versions of every article about the show so far, as well as interviews and more. You can enter the section either by using this link, or by clicking the link below the logo.

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The latest issue of Pro-Rock magazine is already out, featuring a 3 page article about Dream Theater, including an interview with Jordan Rudess. You can find a transcript of the intervew here:
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On 06.06.2002 begins the online ticket sale for the Dream Theater concert. Tickets can be purchased from this site: http://www.jobtiger.bg/dt/. The tickets will be supplied by delivery service. The reserved seats for online sale are marked with yellow on the schemes provided on this site. You can also use the link below site logo and next to the forum link.

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A radio interview with Jordan Rudess will be conducted on 06.06.2002, 17:00. The radio station Tangra has a national spread and you can tune in from across the country:
  • Plovdiv - 93.4 FM
  • Stara Zagora - 97.4
  • FM
  • Blagoevgrad - 96,9
  • FM
  • Rousse - 99.0
  • FM
  • Varna - 97.3
  • FM
  • Bourgas - 99.9
  • FM
  • Sofia / Veliko Tarnovo - 96.7 FM
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Here is how the official poster for the Dream Theater show in Sofia is going to look like:

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Scheme of the right front row area of Hall 1, which seats are reserved for online ticket sales.
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Read an exclusive interview with Jordan Rudess published in the upcoming issue of Pro Rock magazine.

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These are additional schemes of the ground floor and second balcony at Hall 1 of The National Palace of Culture, intended to give detailed view concerning exact seat numbers and sectors in relation to the online ticket sales, which will start in the very near future. Go back to Top
Official Announcement on behalf of PRIMA Agency concerning the tickets sales at the National Palace of Culture Box Office.


Regarding the DT ticket sales at The National Palace of Culture Box Office, I would most kindly like to inform you that there is a possibility for the ticket sales to be stopped for the period 22.05. - 29.05.2002 due to Pope John Paul II visit to Sofia, and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly held at the venue during this period. The area around the National Palace of Culture will be entirely sealed by security forces, and the access to the Box Office is simply impossible. Therefore PRIMA Agency is doing everything it can to start the online ticket sales in the next few days, so that DT fans can have the possibility to buy tickets regardless of the situation at the Box Office.

PRIMA Agency plc.

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This is one of the articles published in the local press concerning the concert:

"Special effects for the Dream Theater show" - Cash daily newspaper - 17.05.2002, pg. 43

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Here is the long awaited diagram and all sectors and seat numbers at Hall 1 of The National Palace of Culture with the relevant ticket prices per each sector. The sectors outlined in blue are with ticket price of 20 lv., while the sectors outlined in red are with ticket price of 35 lv. The sectors marked with a yellow cross are intended for online ticket sales. For more detailed information, please click on the two diagrams down below. Note: The detailed diagrams are large in size; therefore their download may take some time.

Ground floor Balcony

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More information posted by PRIMA Agency plc.

Hello once again,

Regarding the ticket sales at the National Palace of Culture Box Office for the upcoming Dream Theater concert on July 3rd, 2002, I would like to brief you on the following:
The tickets with a price of 10 lv. will be put on sale during the last few days prior to the concert. Those tickets will be for standing audience, thus people having bought such tickets will be kindly asked to enter the Hall at the second balcony entrances.
Concerning some of the questions posted in the DTSofia forum in relation to the front row seats areas, I would most kindly like to clarify the following details:
Due to the fact that the space in the two (150 seats each) front row areas is limited because of security reasons, we will be placing chairs in order to ensure a place for each person, who has purchase a ticket with a price of 50 lv.
Regarding the questions in the forum concerning when exactly will the second front row area be put on sale, I would like to inform you that it is intended to be sold online.
In the meantime PRIMA Agency is doing everything possible to arrange a meet & greet with Dream Theater during their visit to Sofia.
In order to give more detailed information to all DT fans concerning the venue, we will be placing in the very near future detailed diagram of the venue with sectors, seat numbers and ticket prices per sector.

Thank you for all your questions.

PRIMA Agency plc
Phone: +359 2 958 60 93
Fax: +359 2 958 60 73
-mail: office@agencyprima.com

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